Believe it or not, some people are excited that Erie has broken the season record for snowfall.

Erie News Now caught up with people, as they cleared another round of snow. And many of them figured, if we're having to deal with all this snow, we minus well shatter some records in the process.

The record of 149.1 inches broken Wednesday morning.

While many Erieites have had enough, others say bring it on, let's shatter the record season snowfall record.

And of course, you'll remember the event that pushed us over the snowfall record, that record-breaking Christmas snow storm That brought 60 inches of snow over two days.

It was also the snowiest December on record with more than 121 inches falling, "Oh there are times I hate it and I say 'what am I still doing here there are places on earth where you don't have to deal with this', but Erie is home now, in fact I just bought this house, so I will be here for a while... shoveling snow every winter," said Dave Richards of Erie.

"It doesn't bother me, it's just a part of life, once November gets here you just mentally prepare, every day it doesn't snow you're happy, and if it does, you just move on," said Fate Harris of Erie.

There are six more weeks of winter left, plenty of time to accumulate more snow for the record books.