(*Note, in the video, there is an error as "hundreds dead" should be "several are dead."

Tonight, as more information is revealed in the deadly earthquakes that hit the island of Taiwan. An Erie man, who is on the island, shared his story.

For Erie native, Lance Thornton, a seemingly normal overseas business trip to Taiwan turned the complete opposite way. He, like many others on the island, found themselves in yet another series of violent and deadly earthquakes. The first major quake topped off at a magnitude of 6.4.

            And earlier today, Erie News Now spoke with Thornton from his hotel in Yilan City, about 60 miles from the epicenter of the quakes.

It was a sudden shake, a dose of confusion

"The lights started swinging, and so I stand up, and I went and ran outside.
Thornton said And, all of a sudden it stopped, the band stops, everyone started looking around, and it was like, what the heck just happened."

            Lance Thornton was out on a business dinner Sunday night in Datong Township, in Yilan County. Approximately 90 miles from the epicenter of this week's earthquakes.


 "And they started saying that it was an earthquake, well that was my first time experiencing an earthquake in my life. Thornton said And all of a sudden they say it's not a big deal, it's passed, it started to reign again."

            Several severe quakes and violent aftershocks rocked the island, leaving several dead or missing, with more deaths feared. Fortunately, Thornton was not harmed, but the experience has been quite frightening

"I didn't know how to respond, I was scared, it was a weird feeling.
Thornton said The force of Mother Nature had total control of you, I was so discombobulated, the whole floor moving, you stand up, and you feel your body just swinging back and forth, but you're staying on earth. It's a really odd feeling."

Just minutes before he spoke to Erie News Now, yet another earthquake shook his region. That one registered a magnitude of 5.7.

Thornton’s expected to return to Erie on Friday