Fire, water rescue and emergency crews were called to Erie's bayfront Wednesday evening for a reported water rescue.

It happened just before 5 p.m. between Dobbins Landing and the Holland Street Pier.

Erie fire crews told Erie News Now two men were ice fishing when a tug boat began a scheduled ice breaking mission on the bay.

"The fishermen were out there on the ice. It appeared that they saw the hut moving on the ice flow," said Jeff Carroll, deputy chief for the Erie Fire Department. "The barge had broken up ice in there area, and the fishermen were stranded there."

The men walked to a nearby hut.

West Lake water rescue crews were called in, and the men were taken to a nearby marina.

Both men were evaluated for injuries, but we were told neither suffered anything life-threatening.

First responders are reminding anglers not to venture onto the bay unless it is safe to do so.

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