City of Erie residents now have a new place to go to have their concerns or complaints addressed.

Mayor Joe Schember announced Thursday morning the implementation of the new Citizens Response Center.

A dedicated employee will answer the calls and try to find answers to your questions or concerns or froward the call along to the correct person at Erie City Hall.

The phone number is 814-870-1111.

Mayor Schember said he heard a lot of people complaining that if they had an issue that needs to be addressed, their call was often transferred around city hall, making it difficult to get answers or have their concerns addressed.

"I've heard so many complaints from people who are trying to get an answer to something, or they have a complaint or a question, or they may have a compliment for the city," said Schember. "They can't get a hold of someone with the current system."

"We're hoping this closes the gap between any disconnect that may exist between the public and city hall," said Mas Sala, community development specialist for the City of Erie.

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