If you have noticed the ride along Erie's Bayfront Parkway has been getting rougher, you're not alone.

But the ride should be much smoother later this year.

PennDOT is now designing plans for repairs and improvements to the western section of the parkway from State Street to Greengarden.

Many drivers have been complaining about the condition of the parkway.

An 11 year old asphalt overlay is coming apart, and large areas are full of holes and cracks.

So later this year, PennDOT will strip off the old overlay and put down a new surface.

But other work will also be part of the project.

PennDOT Project Engineer Ralph Aylesworth said, "We will take some areas that have drastically deteriorated and fix those. Do new guide rails, new signage upgrades, new pavement markings and put new grates on the inlets in that area."

The project is expected to begin sometime in August and take about a month to complete.