U.S. Representative Glenn Thompson made an appearance in Erie today, unsure if this area will remain in his Congressional district much longer.   The State Supreme Court has ordered Republican lawmakers to re-draw Congressional boundaries in Pennsylvania due to gerrymandering.

Thompson was the main speaker at a legislative luncheon held at the Manufacturer and Business Association in Erie.  He currently represents the eastern half of Erie County in Congress.  Representative Mike Kelly serves the western half.    Both are Republicans.

Thompson said having two representatives in Congress is a good thing for Erie County.

"The record shows it's been really good for Erie County.  They have two votes now.  They have two voices.  They have representation in twice as many committees and four times as many subcommittees.  I personally think it's been a very good thing,  I'll be very, very disappointed not to be able to continue to work, after the next election, for the citizens of Erie County," he said.

The political party in control of the legislature is in charge of the redistricting process. A re-drawn congressional map, ordered by the court,  is expected to be delivered to Governor Wolf by Republican leaders today.  The full legislature is expected to vote on the map next week.  Wolf says he hopes the map he receives is fair and will garner the support of both chambers.