There is a lot of excitement for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Figure skating is one of the most popular Olympic sports, and competition is already underway.

The Westminster Figure Skating Club of Erie says it typically sees a spark in interest in the sport, during the winter Olympic Games, "We usually see a very large increase in excitement, our group sessions usually double in population because kids see it on TV and they say, 'Mommy and Daddy I want to go out and I want to try that,'" said Kassandra Bidwell.

But because Erie's JMC Ice Arena is out of commission, there's been a lack of ice time, so figure skaters have needed to travel, to practice, "This past year, two years really, have been extremely challenging," said Bidwell. "This year we really haven't had a program so far because we haven't had much of any ice. So we're looking forward to April, because we will be back here at Mercyhurst University and able to get programs running again," Bidwell continued.

The club is also looking forward to the fall, that's when the dual ice rink is expected to be completed at the Erie Bank Sports Park, "We are very excited, we're hoping that that can be our home rink and we'll have some consistency and able to get our programs up and running, and even build them much larger than they've been in the past," said Bidwell.

In the meantime, the Westminster Figure Skating Club will hold learn to skate lessons in April at the Mercyhurst University ice rink. You can visit their website for a schedule, and for more information on the program, just click here