At the Erie Philharmonic pops concert tonight, at the Warner Theater, that "wascally wabbit" and friends from the animated silver screen, joined the Philharmonic in a unique concert. It brought together folks from different generations.

The score for the Looney Tunes theme song is belted out to perfection by the Erie Philharmonic.

s an all-too-familiar sound that has resonated within Warner Theater for years.

"I think the coolest thing is knowing that back like in the 40's, 50's and 60's, these exact cartoons played on a movie theater screen here when the Warner was an actual movie palace."

Executive Director of the Erie Philharmonic, Steve Weiser.

"So to be able to sort of re-create those memories again, for everybody is pretty awesome."

With over 85 years of history, the magic of Looney Tunes continues to transcend from generation to generation.

"And this is where the classical music really, where we learned the classical music was from the Looney Tunes."

            For Tony, and Mary Alleruzzo, its chance to experience the cartoon, and the music they grew up with.

"As a kid, we would come here, they would have the 21 cartoons, on Saturday afternoons, and most of them were Looney Toon cartoons." said Tony

Elsewhere, the children of the Hammond family are continuing on a tradition that's passed been down through the years.

"Um, well my Dad watched Bugs Bunny with his Dad, so now we watch it with him sometimes." Amelia Hammond said

They even have their own favorite characters.

(Andrew): "Who would you say is your favorite Looney Tunes Character?

(Hammonds) "Probably the bunny... I like roadrunner.

(Andrew) "You like roadrunner? No Daffy fans here?

(Hammonds) "No"

As time goes by, one thing's for sure, you can never be too young, or too old, to be a little looney.