During the campaign, Mayor Joe Schember promised to be honest and open with both the media and the public. We checked in with the mayor and found out so far, he’s keeping his word on that promise.

It's been a month and a half since Mayor Schember took over the city's top job and we have already noticed some big changes when it comes to city hall.

Starting Monday, Mayor Schember will be sitting down with members of the media about various topics and laying out his weekly schedule. This is the first of what the mayor’s office is calling their media roundtable discussions.

The weekly discussion comes in addition to the weekly press conferences that the mayor holds every Thursday morning.

Last week, mayor Schember rolled out new a citizen’s response line, that allows callers to talk to a real person.

Schember says that too many times citizens were calling and getting voice mails and never getting called back.

He says the citizens deserve to know what’s going on.

"I’m committed to transforming Erie, I think being open, honest and engaged is an important part of that because I have to listen more than talk,” said Mayor Joe Schember.

By being out there I’m hearing a lot and getting a lot of feedback and trying to decide what's best for Erie long term, Schember said.

If citizens are interested in calling that citizens response line, they can do so by calling (814)-870-1111