The biggest fundraiser of the year for the Erie City Mission is set for next week. And it could be a record crowd this year, for Knock Out Homelessness.

It's the 11th round of Knock out Homelessness, and while it's a fun charity event, it's raising awareness and funds for a very serious issue.

We caught up with some of the boxers as they trained for the big event, which is next Tuesday, January 20th and the Bayfront Convention Center.

Let's first take a look at the fight card;

In the main bout, Erie Mayor Joe Schember will go toe-to-toe with Erie boxing legend Lou Bizzarro Sr.
Andy Kerr, the Chaplin at the Erie City Mission will take on Lou Bizzarro Jr.
And Lucas Marsh of Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services will enter the ring with "John Boy" Bizzarro.

The legendary boxing Bizzarro family has hosted this event now for 11 years, and today we caught up with them as they trained together, just over a week ahead of the event.

They've been training two to three times a week.

And with Kerr in the ring this year, it's the first time a staff member of the Erie City Mission has taken on the challenge, "I feel like we are actually in a fight against the issue of homelessness in our city and and we really want to knock it out completely," said Kerr. "And it takes everybody, we can't do it alone, the Erie City Mission, 95% of our budget comes from private donors so this is one of those events that helps us accomplish that goal," Kerr added.

It's expected to be one of the biggest crowds, they're hoping to sell out.

Over the past 10 years, the event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help the City Mission knock out homelessness, "It's just a great thing, all the money stays local, we've made over $500,000 over the past 10 years, I don't know how much we're going to do this year, but they say it's going to be record breaking," said Lou Bizzarro Jr..

To help raise money for the City Mission, each boxer has a crowd-funding page set up, just visit the City Mission's website, you can also find ticket information.

And for another year, Lilly Broadcasting is a proud sponsor of Knock Out Homelessness.