As the executive director for EMTA gets set to make his way out,
the facility's $60 million expansion continues on. 

The new footprint will span the length of East 14th Street between Parade and French Streets. The new complex will include a new bus storage building, a washing and fueling station, a new administration building and a parking garage.

The new facility will be more than twice the size of their current location, which will be torn down as part of the project.

The first phase of this project was completed back in the fall of 2015, and includes a maintenance facility and small bus storage.

EMTA’s outgoing executive director Mike Tann says the new facility is long overdue and will serve Erie well in the years to come.

“Outside of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, this is one of the largest transit projects, Tann said.

“it takes up nine acres of the City of Erie and that was an area that was formerly a blighted area. we've converted it all over and cleaned it all up and that is obviously a huge thing for the transit authority, for the City of Erie and for the County of Erie too, Tann added

Most of the project is expected to be complete by the end of the summer, the parking garage will be completed sometime in 2019.