The flu is still hitting Erie County hard, over 1,500 confirmed cases this season.

Erie County Health Department officials are encouraging people to stay home if sick, to help prevent it from spreading. Local gyms are working hard as well to stop this national epidemic.

"This time of the year we go through way more sanitizing solution, way more of our equipment wipes," said Matt Pribonic, owner of I-Rock.

Pribonic says they make an extra effort this time of year, to help stop the spread of the flu and other illnesses, but so do the members.

"They're sanitizing their hands, constantly here," said Alan Hilling, I-Rock member.

"These guys [I-Rock] are pretty good, they have sanitizer everywhere and wipes," said George Dusckas, I-Rock member.

"Before, definitely in the summer I noticed it wasn't as crazy, but now I'm noticing that everyone is wiping everything down," said Joe Bloomstine.

Pribonic says in addition to utilizing wipes and cleaning supplies, bring your own towels and water bottles. Also, wash your hands before and after working out to prevent bringing in germs or taking them home.

If you are sick with the flu, or something as severe as a fever, stay home and stay hydrated. Because even the healthiest, and fittest people can be worn down.

"It can spiral, and your immune system can get so worn down, you can get mono, walking pneumonia, you can even cause damage to your kidneys if you stay sick and push that caffeine, and the coffee in for so long. You can really do damage to your body," explained Pribonic.