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Veteran Patients Receive Special Gifts from Area VFW Post

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In honor of National Salute to Veteran Patients Week, Veterans of Foreign Wars, post 5958 from Titusville, today paid a visit to the patients, at the Erie Veterans Affairs hospital.

   They delivered some special bags, that included a variety of gifts, from blankets and special t-shirts to simple goods like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

 VFW members said they wanted to give back to fellow veterans, who may have come to the VA with nothing more than the clothes on their back

"It put, it almost brings tears to my eyes.” VFW Rep for the  Erie VA Hospital, Charlie Castelluccio said  “And something almost special we have, today's Valentine’s Day, and two of the local schools in Titusville, the kids made up almost 300 Valentine's Day cards, and each veteran gets seven cards, and they're the best, it makes their day."

Castelluccio, a veteran himself, encourages community members to show their support for VA patients.

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