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Erie School District awaits state aid, appointed financial administrator

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ERIE, Pa. -

Getting the additional $14 million in state aid is taking a little longer than leaders of the Erie School District first thought. Superintendent Brian Polito in talks Tuesday with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

"They did confirm that the money should be released within another week, and the decision on the financial administrator would happen about the same time," said Superintendent Brian Polito.

The administrator comes with that money, a result of the district entering the state's financial watch status 2016. As Erie News Now first reported Monday, Gov. Tom Wolf is considering three candidates for the job, including Erie-area State Sen. Jane Earll. That administrator dictates the district's finances and guides them on a long-term sustainability plan, despite the recent school consolidation process. It's unclear how long administrator will work in Erie.

"Based on our financial projections right now, we're looking very solid right now," Polito said following Wednesday's regular school board meeting. "I think this will be a short trip in and out of recovery."

Meanwhile the district continues to develop is strategic plan. They hope to the new financial monitor in these early stages.

"We're looking to get everybody's input on where they feel we should be going with our education and teaching the students," said Board President Frank Petrungar, Jr.

Last month, the district hired consultants to help implement that plan, California-based Performance Fact, Inc. Polito and other administrators, remain confident that these outside groups won't minimize the district's progress both in and out of the classroom.

"We do have some additional things that we need to do, and a big portion of this plan is going to be our facilities," Polito said.

The district will hold a pair of public meetings on that strategic plan, one March 12 at East Middle School, and another on March 13 at the Jefferson Educational Society. There is also an online survey parents/guardians can fill out here.

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