The PA Board of Education is asking for some clarity on Erie County's plans to establish a community college.

According to Erie County Director of Administration Gary Lee, the board has a list of 25 questions they want clarified from the original Erie County Community College application, which was submitted on June 30, 2017.

From projections, to enrollment and finances, Lee says the board wants to know exactly what the plan encompasses.

The board will then review that information, and either approve or deny the community college application.

"This is a whole new process for the state, said Lee.  They haven't had to approve a community in 20 years, so this is new for them.  We're excited though, because again, it creates an opportunity for us to do a transformational change for the entire region.

If approved, those behind the Erie County Community College can then go through the process of determining a location.

The PA Board of Education must make a decision by June 30.