A Pennsylvania republican gubernatorial candidate made a stop in Erie Wednesday.

Paul Mango, from Allegheny County, met with potential voters to share his vision for the commonwealth, as well as to hear any thoughts or concerns a voter might have.

Mango's main goals are to bring back jobs to Pennsylvania, and to tackle the commonwealth
s opioid epidemic.

The conservative believes he can also bring some change to Erie.

"I am very excited about the potential that Erie has.” Mango said “You have a wonderful port here that access to all of the great lakes, I think that's being underutilized. You have a workforce that's fundamentally industrial, it's a skilled workforce, a lot of companies have left, I think we need to bring some of the companies back. If we can help catalyze some of those things, I think Erie is going to come back very strongly."

Mango says he his ultimate goal is to make everyone in the commonwealth "economically mobile.”