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Meadville curling club gains popularity as Olympics continue

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With brooms in-hand and stones on the ice, curling is a Wednesday night tradition for Adam Reese and the French Creek Curling Club.

"Some of us have curled other places, some of us just wanted to get together because it sounded like a good idea," said the club's founder Adam Reese.

He and about 30 curlers take an Olympic favorite down to the local level each week in Meadville. The club is fairly new. Founded in 2016, this is their first full year on the ice. Some such as Daniel Edmonds get really into it.

"I saw it in the 2006 Olympics," said Edmonds, who travels to the Meadville Area Recreation Complex from Grove City to play. "It was on between classes when I was a senior in college and as a senior, you don't have much work to do anyway, right?" he joked.

That Olympic coverage has created a surge of wannabe Olympians ready to try curling themselves.

"It seems like I can do it and not be athletic," said Nolan Schmidt of Cambridge Springs. "You don't have to be a super all-star to be a curler."

Erie News Now's Matt Knoedler and Brittany Lauffer had the chance to try out the sport for themselves ahead of Wednesday's "learn to curl" event.

It's a sport that's popular among all age groups, Reese said.

"I've curled with an eight-year-old on one sheet in the junior program, and a 90-year-old has curled a couple of sheets over," he said.

Learn to curl

"Learn to Curl" events are scheduled at the MARC on Feb. 28 and March 11. More information can be found at

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