The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority will continue to pay a government relations firm to lobby on its behalf for extra funding.

In a 6-3 vote Tuesday afternoon, ECGRA board members rejected a motion to end the contract with the Ridge Policy Group.

ECGRA hired the group 18 months ago, to lobby for additional funding in Harrisburg and Washington D.C.

The authority, which receives $5.5 million of the $11 million in casino money every year, pays the Ridge Policy Group $4,000 a month.

Those who favored of ending the contract, today, said ECGRA paid the group $84,000 so far, and have seen no results.

Board members who wanted to extend the contract, said the group will ensure Erie gets its fair share of state and federal funding.

The ECGRA board will now meet with the group in the next 60 days, to come up with a strategic plan moving forward.