ERIE, Pa. - The Erie County emergency management officials are offering some helpful resources for those who are affected by power outages.

Several thousand residents in Erie County remain without power, after Thursday's snow storm. Forecasts continue to call for below-freezing temperatures.

Those without power are encouraged to find somewhere with power to stay for the evening. Fortunately, there are public shelter options available.

  • Wattsburg Fire Department Social Hall, 9617 North St., Wattsburg.
  • Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA., 1101 Peach St., Erie.
  • St. John the Baptist Church, 509 E 26th St., Erie.

Tips to keep safe when without power:

  • Avoid candles
  • Use caution if using a generator, or other alternative heating source

Also, be aware of spoiling foods. If your refrigerator or freezer goes above 41 degrees, any meats, dairy products, and other produce should be thrown out.