The heavy wet snow overnight did not just cause power problems, it also caused a lot of trees and branches to come down.

Parts of Connecticut Drive in Erie looked like a war zone.

Trees and branches blocked the street.

City of Erie Streets crews used chain saws and heavy equipment to clear the street.

The wet snow also caused damage in parts of Millcreek.

A large limb crashed into a pickup truck in northwest Millcreek, causing extensive damage.

Just a couple of streets away, a huge maple tree crashed into a house.

No one was hurt.

But the tree caused major roof and structural damage.

Homeowner Don Murphy said, "The house in uninhabitable. There is water dripping all over. You can see the sky through areas of the ceiling where the roof was penetrated by the branches and that."

Emergency Management officials in Millcreek said the combination of heavy snow, high winds and soil saturated by rain led to the large amount of tree damage.