State Senator and businessman Scott Wagner was in Erie for a meet and greet today.

The Republican has not been shy in his plans for the state, should he be elected governor this November.

Today he covered a wide range of topics, and one of the more hotly debated issues right now is school safety.

Today he stood his ground in his stance that "any" individual who shoots up a school should be given the death penalty immediately.     

            Wagner told potential voters that within his first 48 hours, he would overturn Governor Wolf's moratorium on the death penalty.

Saying that a school shooter's death would be "fast and swift."

This, in response to the Parkland High School shooting last month.

            When Wagner spoke with Erie News Now afterward, he addressed the issue of an armed guard being on school grounds. We asked him if he supported teachers being armed.

            Wagner says he's open to the idea, though the presence of an armed-guard could make that unnecessary

Listen, there isn't a need that every teacher needs to be armed, but I think we need to, you know, again, you walk into a bank, you have a security guard there for a reason.” Wagner said “And, again we, you know, the children and the teachers are precious, and we have to protect them."

Wagner says schools need a "complete security assessment."  And suggested schools could invite armed and trained veterans to guard school grounds.