City of Corry Police arrested and charged 19-year-old Scott R.S. Perkins of Mead Avenue, Corry, with five counts of making terroristic threats against Corry Area School District.

A student at the school reported the threats to a teacher at the school Saturday morning through a Facebook message.

According to a police incident report, the alleged threats from Perkins, saying he was going to become a school shooter and shoot up the school on Monday, were heard by several students between 11:30 p.m. Friday and 12:00 a.m. Saturday, after a fight took place in the city of Corry.

The teacher who was contacted, shared the information with administration, who contacted Cpl. Brian Arnink.  Arnink is the school resource officer and a Cpl. with the Corry Police Department.

He investigated and determined that Perkins made the verbal threats as a warning to his friends to stay away from school on Monday so they would not be hurt.

Perkins was interviewed at the Corry Police Station.  After consultation with the Erie County District Attorney's office, police charged him with four misdemeanor counts of terroristic threats (one each for the students he addressed), and one felony-3 count for the threat directed toward Corry Area School District.

Corry investigators determined that Perkins does not legally own a gun and apparently did not have access to guns inside of his home.  At last word he was awaiting arraignment on the charges before the duty magisterial judge.

The Corry Area School District and the City of Corry Police Department will be taking further measures starting Monday March 5 to ensure the safety of the school students and the faculty as well as all school properties.