The group passionate about saving the McBride Viaduct - Erie Connect Plus Respect (CPR) - held another event on the bridge Saturday.

It called this one "Hey Beast" - Art and Music on the Viaduct.

Edinboro alumnus Jeff Brunner, illustrator of a children's book by that name, was on the bridge showing his art.

Organizers of the art and music event staged at the north end of the viaduct to remind people they still want to keep it as a pedestrian bridge.

New mayor Joe Schember supports years of studies and PennDOT's assessment that the bridge is crumbling and should be demolished.

Erie CPR said the next step is taking the matter to the governor.

"We're gonna take the case to the governor," said Michael Keys, spokesman for Erie CPR."We're gonna have a press conference in Harrisburg in the State Capitol. Even as early as last week, there was another article in the paper about how unsafe the Bayfront Connector is."

The group believes the dangers of walking on the Bayfront Connector bridge supports their argument to keep the viaduct

It will be in Harrisburg March 12.

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