ERIE, Pa. - More than 40 local non-profits are getting a boost from one of their own on Sunday.

The Nuova Aurora Society distributed $71,000 in grants. It's all made possible through their small games of chance, gambling revenue from club members throughout the year. Legally, the club is required to giveaway 60 percent of their annual earnings, said Tony DeDad, club president.

Organizations throughout the City of Erie and Erie County will receive roughly the same amount of money from the club, between $1,000 and $2,000, he said.

"I'd rather split it up, I'd rather not give one charity $71,000," DeDad said. "I'd rather have everybody in the neighborhood, in the community, a little piece of the pie."

Some of those charities include the Sisters of Saint Joseph, Blended Spirits Ranch, and MECA.