Erie Auto & Drivetrain is really two businesses in one, with  young mechanic, Bobby Ring, and an older engineer Dave Bell working together.

It is a time of transition, with the plan calling for the mechanic to eventually take over the entire operation.

Bell said, "We have a lot of the same interests and same drives and goals. So it made it work good."

Ring said, "It is definitely working out great. I could not ask for another businesses to take on with the reputation and years of service they had. Now we're just trying to help out with that.'

Dave Bell opened Erie Drivetrain in 1983, serving some industrial clients but mostly car and truck owners and dealers. 

The work focused on fixing and installing drivetrain parts.

But since Bobby joined the operation, the business has expanded beyond drivetrains, now handling a wide variety of vehicle maintenance jobs.

Ring said, "We are now doing anything from ties, inspections, alignments, pretty much taking care of everything. That way you are not just focused on one section of a vehicle. It is more broad."

Ring knows he has to learn the drivetrain side of the business inside and out, and he plans to keep working closely with Dave to make that happen.

Until the transition period ends, and Dave steps aside.

Bell said, "One of the nice things about it, is I am still here. If he has an issue or question he can ask me. But the other thing is I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.