ERIE, Pa. - The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will begin implementing new screening procedures for carry-on items at Erie International Airport starting Tuesday.

It requires travelers to place electronics larger than a cell phone in bins for X-ray screening. The new procedures were announced last year.

They will be treated the same as laptops in the security line. Putting them alone in a bin help TSA officers get a clearer X-ray image.

“The simple step of separating personal electronic items for screening allows TSA officers to more closely focus on resolving alarms and stopping terror threats,” said Karen Keys-Turner, TSA’s Federal Security Director for ERI in a news release.

The new security measures do not apply to passengers enrolled in TSA Pre? who use the TSA Pre? lanes.

TSA recommends travelers arrive up to two hours ahead of their flight departure time to make sure they have enough time to check in and pass through security.

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