ERIE, Pa. - A big donation is helping a local organization bring joy to it's skaters. 

The Sacred Heart Ushers Club presented a $3,000 check to Gliding Stars during it's rehearsal for it's upcoming annual show.
Gliding Stars provides individuals with disabilities, 
The opportunity is to increase their personal potential through developing ice skating skills.   
They practice all year, and share their end of season choreographed performance with the public. 

This year's show is set for Saturday, March 24th, at 7 p.m., located at the Mercyhurst Ice Arena.
Tickets are $10 in advance, and $12 dollars at the door.

The Gliding Stars isn't the only group to benefit from the Sacred Heart Ushers Club.
The club is donating over $40,000 to various local charities, organizations, and events.