The Erie County District Attorneys Office has rested its case, in the homicide trial against a former Edinboro student charged with fatally shooting another student at an off-campus apartment.

Devin Stevenson, 23, is accused of killing 22-year-old O'Shae Imes, during a botched drug deal in March of 2015.

Imes died on March 19 of 2016, almost a year after the shooting.

On Wednesday, a medical examiner testified that Imes died of complications from multiple gunshot wounds to his abdomen and leg.

Prosecutors also presented a pellet gun and bag of marijuana, which were recovered from the crime scene.

Investigators say Imes used the pellet gun to rob Stevenson of marijuana, when Stevenson pulled out a pistol and opened fire.

Stevenson's lawyer David Ridge argues that Stevenson shot Imes because he feared for his life.

The defense will present its case Thursday morning.