It's been one week since the FBI launched an investigation into the non-profit agency, MATV...Mothers Against Teen Violence.   Its Founder and Director is Sonya Arrington, who also serves as President of Erie City Council.

Not much has been released about the investigation except that agents were looking for payroll and accounting information.  Erie News Now wanted to know if anyone provided oversight to Arrington, as she conducted her role as MATV's director.

Erie News Now talked with Adam Bratton , the Executive Director of the Nonprofit Partnership. The Partnership helps non profits organize, and answers their questions about fund raising, management, and leadership.  Bratton says neither Arrington, nor anyone representing  MATV,  has ever asked him for advice.

Bratton says all non-profits must have a board of directors, to provide oversight, before they can register with the state. Three people are listed in MATV's incorporation documents, filed in 2010, and obtained by Erie News Now.   They are Arrington, Christine Jefferson, of Erie, and Rebecca Allen, of Union City.

Arrington was not in her office today and calls to her cell phone were not answered. Calls to Jefferson and Allen were also unanswered. Erie News Now has not determined if any board meetings were held after the incorporation papers were approved by the state.

The MATV web site does not include any names of board of directors, or minutes of any meetings. It is also unknown if the agency has any by-laws.