It was a big matchup of guns and hoses at the Erie Insurance Arena Saturday night for the annual charity hockey game.

Down on the ice, the game is about to begin. And standing across from each other are two teams.

From a distance, it's your average game.  This one, is anything but that.

On one side stand firefighters, and the other, policemen.

"Very excited, this is a big event for them each year, to be able to go out and play."

West Meadville fireman, and goalie for the Hoses, Chris Honard.


"Almost like it's a pro game for us, i mean, guys get really hyped up for this event." Honard said

The puck is dropped, and it's on.

Every year these two meet to battle for a trophy, and for a noble cause of their choice.

This year, they're playing for the Children's Miracle Network at Saint Vincent Hospital.

s really awesome to have the community rally around us, and they recognize it's such a great cause." Director of the Childrens Miracle Network at Saint Vincent Hospital, Ashley Ross said.

The proceeds go to life-saving equipment for babies, and young children at the hospital, who face a variety of health challenges.


"It's really awesome, Im really excited to see how well they do at the game this year. Ross said And ultimately putting those funds back in the hospital."

The decision to partner with the Children's Miracle Network is fitting, for three institutions dedicated to saving lives.

"I mean, every day I go out there to try to  help a child.
Honard said But today, Im actually giving back a little bit of money to take some time away from work, and still be able to donate to them."

The four-to-three win went to the Hoses. But it
s the children who scored the real victory.