Three local catholic sisters were honored today, during National Catholic Sisters Week.

 A special event titled "Women who are called" was held at the Mount Saint Benedict Monastery.

Sisters Marlene Bertke, Rita Brocke and Mary Claire Kennedy were honored for their years of contributions towards social justice.

The event was emceed by Erie News Now's Eva Mastromatteo.

Each sister belongs to a different church in the Erie County Diocese, and they were overwhelmed by the support

"I thought of it just a serving my ministry, as a sister of mercy.” Brocke said “I didn't think of it as being anything special, it was just where god was calling me. And I was just following as a sister of mercy."

"I was just overwhelmed with today. If one, thing, just seeing all these people again, people that I’ve worked with for so long, and to see them all gathered here.” Bertke said “And I love our prayer service, so I was very glad they were here for that."

"We couldn't have done half of this, or less without the cooperation of members of our community , members of the community at large, it's just been marvelous." Kennedy said

Catholic Sisters Week is running now, until March 14, and is locally sponsored by Erie News Now.