It all started on Christmas Day, several feet of snow piled high on the Fairfield Fire Hose Company's roof. A few days later, they cleared it off and noticed the damage. 

"Within a couple days, the whole inside of our catering hall had partially collapsed because of all the weight, and it actually leaked through," explained Jim Hawryliw, Fire Chief at Fairfield Hose Company on East Lake Road.

There was even some ceiling leaks in their fire hall. 

Fire Chief Jim Hawryliw said their insurance is only covering the inside damage. The department has learned they need an entire roof replacement, costing an estimated 90,000 to 100,000 dollars. 

The volunteer fire and EMS department is 100% community funded, and last year they responded to a record breaking 910 calls. But now, they are asking for help from the community they serve.   

This year's fish fry dinners, events, profits from their catering hall, and annual fund will all good towards repairing the roof.

"In the past, we've only got about 40% of residents that donated, but we're hoping that maybe we can get to about 60% this year," said Hawryliw.

One of the departments largest local contributors is the Brevillier Village Senior Home Center down the road. They also make up nearly half of Fairfield's EMS calls.

"I can just tell you last week alone, they were probably out there ten times," said Vicky Wittuck, Senior Vice President at Brevillier Village.

Wittuck has worked with Fairfield Hose Company for about 38 years, even during the Conrad House fire of 1986. 

Over the years, they have increased their donations to the department, despite being a non-profit themselves. She said they donate to try and help the department, like the volunteers help their residents.

"The relationship we have had personally between Fairfield and Brevillier has always been really special. I mean I just never worry, because I know they will come no matter what," said Wittuck.

The Fairfield Hose Company is in the process of taking out a bank loan to get the roof repaired quickly, so they can continue to service the community.

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