Many student walkouts, held across the country today, were accompanied by protest rallies calling for stricter gun control regulations. That was not the case at Girard High School.

Organizers of the walkout at Girard decided to hold a 17-minute "gathering" inside the school gym.  They wanted everyone to feel comfortable about participating.

People at the school have passionate feeling on both sides of the gun control issue. So, instead of speeches about guns, the students talked about living responsibly, identifying issues before they escalate into something violent, and on how everyone can make Girard High School a  positive place for all.

"We could have come out and we could have opposed all of those ideas and said we wanted this political change and those reforms.  But, we just wanted to reach out to the most people, and sort of be united," said Haylee Przewrocki, Girard HS Senior.

Just over half of the student body attended the proceedings inside the Girard High School Gym.