A group that started 10 years ago in Erie to help students with specials needs, is growing. Mission Empower has now evolved into helping youth prepare for the future. 

One year ago, Mission Employ was created. Wednesday, the local graphic design business called "We Create" welcomed students who have an interest in the industry. They learned the design and development it takes to create a web page. Those who take part in Mission Employ" are around between the ages of 17 and 22 and one of the criteria of the group is to have some unique needs or disability. 

Mission Empower Assistant Director Curtis Jones, Jr., says, "Disability is a misnomer. It may just be some type of diagnosis or some type of an area where they struggle and this program is developed to help them go beyond those struggles and realize they can do whatever they want to do as long as they are exposed to it and given the opportunity to put their best foot forward."

Co-owner of We Create, Nathan Wheeler, says "I just think its important whenever possible to get involved in the development of youth help them a little but better chance to be successful when they grow up and get into the workforce."