The Erie County Coroner's Office has officially released the coroner's statistics for 2017.

According to Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook the report is based off of death scene investigations, toxicology reports, and autopsies.

In 2017, the coroner's office attended a total of 614 death scenes.

Those numbers, include 323 natural deaths, 212 accidental deaths, 59 suicides, and 11 homicides.

Out of those homicides, seven occurred in the city, while four happened in the county.

In 2017, a total of six people were killed in motorcycle accidents, while 22 people died in motor vehicle accidents.

According to Cook, one of the most alarming trends, is the amount of drug-related deaths, which are taken from the accidental death and suicide statistics.

In 2017, out of the 124 drug deaths, 54 percent involved fentanyl, 26 percent involved heroin, and 32 percent involved cocaine.

In 2016, there were 95 drug-related deaths in Erie County.

The spike in drug deaths continues to be an issue in 2018.  Cook said his office has already seen 21 drug-related deaths.