It's been just over a month since a fire tore through the Conneaut Valley Health Center, completely destroying the complex that helped so many in that area.

Erie news now learned that the Meadville Medical Center, who helped operate that center, has been picking up the pieces ever since.

The Meadville Medical Center has stepped up trying to make sure all Conneautville patients are taken care of. They have rerouted all patients to Meadville for both medical and dental needs, but as for the future of the small health center, that is still being figured out.

The Conneaut Valley Health Center is called a rural health clinic and in order to retain that title it must be rebuilt in the same place.

The Meadville Medical Center has pledged their commitment to Conneautville. Now it's just a matter of logistics.

"We’re looking at the long-term vision of what we can do. We’re really investigating what services will be there, how long it will take, what it will look like and that process is probably going to take a few months, said Don Rhoten of the Meadville Medical Center.

Meadville Medical has not released an official time line for the project.