Millcreek supervisors want to re-open the township's Golf and Learning Center after it's been closed for seven years.   But, they can't find anyone interested in operating the facility for them.

Today, the supervisors hoped to receive notifications from companies interested in managing the complex. Despite some early interest, the supervisors received no response from any company willing to partner with the township.

The supervisors are spending $236,000 to construct one new hole, making it possible to re-open as a six hole  course next year.Three and a half holes were lost in 2011 to a runway extension project at nearby Erie International Airport.  Tee boxes are being rebuilt, the greens will be spruced-up, and bunker work will be done.  But, no one wants to manage the course.

Rich Rocky, the owner of Whispering Woods Golf Course, in McKean Township, says he knows the reason why.

"I think the biggest thing right now is the completion of the project.  I think it would help them out extremely when trying to find someone who would be interested.  I think if they finish it and then look for bids, I think they may get a little bit more than they've gotten today," he said.

Millcreek Township would get a percentage of the gross receipts once the complex is opened and a manager is found. The supervisors will reach out, once again, to hopefully find someone who is willing to operate the course.

The golf course sits on land that used to be a hazardous waste dump. The course was given to the township in 2002 after the land was cleaned-up. The only provision was that the property remain a golf course.