This is just two days left until the Erie SeaWolves home opener and safety at the ballpark is back in the spotlight.

Increased safety netting is a change that has been made at all 30 Major League ballparks this season. The netting that was previously just behind home plate has now been extended to the far end of the dugouts.

Dozens of Minor League teams have been following Major League Baseball's lead, with the simple goal of minimizing injuries related balls and bats entering the stands.

The push for expanded netting began back in 2015 when MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred issued a list of recommendations on how to improve safety.

The SeaWolves told Erie News Now that it is Erie Events who owns the park and would be the ones responsible for the installation.

"We are aware of additional netting being installed at major and minor league ballparks and are currently looking at UPMC Park netting options with the intention of installing additional netting on the first base and third baselines this season,” said a spokesperson for Erie Events.