We're feeling a long-awaited warm-up in the weather, and it's especially good news for those who have a livelihood, working outside. 
The long, harsh winter has been bad for business, when it comes to landscapers. 

Now that we're starting to see some milder temperatures, many landscaping companies have finally been able to take the plows off of the front of their trucks and switch gears into landscaping mode.

With the snow finally melted and we're seeing the grass, and many people are starting to think about sprucing up their yards and gardens, so Spring is the busiest time of year for local landscapers, and they're glad to get to work.

Wednesday, we caught up with a crew with Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors, as they worked at a Millcreek home.

They were busy clearing leaves, sticks, and large branches from the yard.

While they've been doing this kind of landscaping for about four weeks now, this week, the jobs have really started to ramp up.

And local companies say they're happy to see we've finally turned the corner from winter weather, "Well, we're so far behind because we should have been out a month ago and really hitting it, and now we're just trying to play catch up, so when the holidays, Memorial Day weekend comes around, we can be where we should be," said Dominic Healey, a Maintenance Foreman with Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors.

City of Erie public works employees were also out Wednesday, cleaning up boulevards and parks around the city.

Some boulevards along east 28th street, will eventually need some more attention, as they were tore up from plows over our long harsh winter.