"[He was] very handsome, very smart, people loved him he loved people."

To David Durfee, his son, Davy was everything.

"He and I were very close," Durfee said  "Davy was very close to his family."

When his parents split when he was 15. Davy started abusing Oxycontin.

And soon, he was working his way to heroin.

It put a strain between father and son.

"It’s something that really caught us off-guard, and at first you kinda take it for granted you know?” Durfee said “And you don't think that it's going to be something that's gonna last, but it did last."

After years of rehabs and relapses, Davy died on September 13, 2015. He had overdosed in Tucson, Arizona where he had moved for work. He was alone when he died.

"It’s unbelievable what it does to you, it turns your world upside down.” Durfee said “And it comes in waves that pain, from losing your child,"

While it might have been too late to save his son, Durfee says that by informing parents of the early warning signs, that could help prevent further tragedies from happening down the road. And he's always thinking of Davy.

“If he could, he would say, Dad go ahead, he would.” Durfee said “He'd say, it can help somebody, or make a difference, he would want that. And I know that from my heart and soul that Davy would be that way."

Durfee says has set up a foundation in Davy's honor, and he plans to officially launch a website for that fund soon.

Also present at Harborcreek’s forum was the “Hidden in Plain Sight” trailer.

Durfee told Erie News Now, he only found out about his son’s drug use when Davy confessed it to him. Davy’s fatal overdose had not been his first overdose.