Now that all the snow has melted, we are starting to see the damage that this winter has left behind.

So city of Erie crews have been cleaning up city parks and boulevards.

We found workers at Wayne Park Thursday, cleaning up branches, trees and trash, to get one of the city's many parks ready for visitors, now that the warmer temperatures are here.

And, there is a lot of damage to curbs and lawns, from the plow trucks.

Dave Mulvihill, Director of Public Works for the city of Erie, says if you have that kind of damage, call the city so it can make arrangements, to have it fixed.

Although, that work will not start until next month, "We compile a list of curb damage and we put a contract out and then we do the repairs sometime during the summer when the weather gets warmer. And same thing with the grass, if a plow scraped the grass between the curb and sidewalk, we'll send crews out to repair that lawn as well," said Mulvihill.

If you have grass or a curb, damaged by plow trucks, call the city at 870-1111.