This is a historic day for the Hamot Health Foundation, as 12 area organizations are given what's called promise grants, as part of a promise to advance the health of the community. 

An event Thursday in Erie, named the recipients. The 12 groups were chosen out of 43. The amount of grant money given, totals $210,000 dollars. 
The money will be used to target health  programs in the areas of disease prevention, poverty and self-sufficiency, to name a few. 
This is part of the Hamot Health Foundations five-year goal to raise $21 million by the year 2021. 

Here's a look at the groups receiving awards today: Nine out of the 12 got $21,000, including:

The Boys and Girls Club, Erie County Department of Health, GECAC, The Erie Homes for Children and Adults, The Erie Public Schools, and the Mental Health Association, The Multi-Cultural Health Evaluation Delivery System, along with ServErie and the West Ridge Fire Department.

The remaining recipients are The Community Connection at Findley Lake, getting just over $6600 and the JFK Center, receiving over $9.000, along with the Mercy Hilltop Center receiving $5,170.