Laughlin introduced his plan for the bill on Facebook this afternoon.

If passed, the bill would allow schools to have access to the Tasers if their respective school boards approved.

If a school chose to have the devices in their classrooms, they would be stored in a secure lock box.

The box could only be opened by a swipe ID card from an authorized and trained staff member.

            Laughlin calls the bill a compromise between giving teacher
s guns or using armed guards in a school. Saying that it could be a more cost-effective way to protect students.

            In the coming weeks, he hopes the bill will gain support from his fellow senators. And should he have the support, it will be reviewed by a host of committees, and then, it can be voted on.

"I think that regardless of what party people are in, school safety is definitely at the top of everyone's mind right now.” Loughlin said “And I think the time is right to implement at least some of these measures to try and protect our students."

Erie News Now checked Taser’s website, and the cost of an average Taser is listed at around $400 a unit.