The decision to hand out mini baseball bats to teachers in the Millcreek School District made headlines from coast to coast and is sparking the response from school officials who want to clarify any misunderstandings.

In a statement released last night, Millcreek Superintendent Bill Hall said he wants to clarify the attention this story is receiving.

He said the bats were part of a change in the districts hard lock down drills, and said the reason behind them is to create noise, distract, or defend against an active shooter.

Hall said in an email, that the school district is not arming the teachers with these bats, instead he calls them “miniature souvenirs,” only to be used in emergency situations.

In that statement, Hall goes on the say that he believes the district is making progress with building security and calls safety they’re number one concern.

While it’s clear the district is looking to move on from this bat issue that may not be so easy.

Millcreek School Board member Lou Aliota is questioning the bats.

In a post on his Facebook page, he said he wants to know who approved them and their $1,800 price tag.