Senator Dan Laughlin plans to introduce legislation, that would arm teachers with tasers.

He says the bill is a compromise between giving teachers guns, or using armed guards in a school, saying it could be a more cost-effective way to protect students, "I think that regardless of what party people are in, school safety is definitely at the top of everyone's mind right now. And I think the time is right to implement at least some of these measures to try and protect our students," said Senator Laughlin.

So, are the less-lethal weapons the best line of defense against an armed suspect, in an active shooter situation?

Erie News Now caught up with the Erie Police Department Friday, as officers were re-certified in using tasers.

We learned tasers are only effective, about 70% of the time.

SWAT Team Commander, Lt. Bill Marucci, explains why tasers are not always effective, "Both probes have to hit, if only one probe hits and the other one misses it'll be ineffective, and it's very easy to miss, if they're moving it's easy to miss," said Lt. Marucci. "And we've experienced a lot in Erie with people wearing heavy clothing or wearing backpacks, a lot of times if those probes do not connect and it's ineffective," Marucci continued.

Police officers do not use tasers as the first option against an armed suspect.
If a suspect is armed and attacks, they will use be forced to use a gun.