More than 400 Gannon University students, faculty and staff gave back to the community as part of a Day of Caring Saturday.

Some were sprucing up the neighborhood near West 8th and Poplar.

The service day focuses on neighborhoods adjacent to the Gannon University campus. It includes areas that are part of the Erie-Gannon alliances to improve neighborhood sustainability.

The Our West Bayfront initiative is organized and funded in part by Gannon University.

"We've had students paired with neighborhood watch groups and neighborhood associations working throughout the west bayfront today to clean it up and get the neighborhood ready for spring," said Anna Frantz, executive director of Our West Bayfront.

"It's pretty difficult," said Bailey Weston, sophomore at Gannon University. "As soon as we clear stuff out, the wind will hit and kind of recovered everything. We have gotten two blocks so far, and I think we are doing pretty good."

Cleanup sites included Gridley Park, the Little Italy Neighborhood, Frontier Park and the MLK Center.