After several delays, construction work is now underway on a roundabout in Fairview Township.

The signs were up Monday at Route 5 and Millfair Road to tell drivers the intersection is closed.

Work to finish the new roundabout along the Millcreek-Fairview line was supposed to start last week, but PennDOT postponed it because of the icy and snowy weather.

A detour is posted using Dutch Road, Route 20 and Asbury Road.

Meanwhile, a neighbor who lives next to the roundabout said she has some concerns about the signs and traffic.

"I think the problem is the signs are so close to construction," said Passle Helminski, who lives near the intersection. "People are just busy thinking about going to work and their day's planning. They're just like, 'Oh my god, I have to turn around and where can I turn around.'"

PennDOT said the project is expected to take about two weeks.