Erie police are investigating a theft at UPMC Park, and surveillance video may be helpful.

After Monday night's Erie Seawolves game, a fan reached into the dugout and stole a custom bag, full of baseballs.

The value was only about $150 to $160, but the Seawolves would like to identify the suspect, “The bag was removed from the dugout and basically taken as a souvenir, and that's just not okay,” said Seawolves President, Greg Coleman.

The Erie Seawolves posted a picture of the alleged thief on their Facebook page, in hopes to help identify him.

The Seawolves just installed security cameras inside the park within the past year, and they also installed external cameras, through a grant with the Erie Downtown Partnership, “Which hopes to make Erie safer, part of that is cameras on the exterior of the building which can help the Erie Police Department in the event that there's ever an incident, and interior of the ballpark we decided to build off of that in order to be able to and catch something like this should it ever occur. Fortunately it doesn't happen that often, but it's nice to know that it's there when you need it,” said Coleman.

While the quality of the pictures from the ballpark didn't show the suspect's face too well, they're hoping to compare the video with external cameras from the Downtown Partnership, to help identify the thief.

Through a grant program, Erie Downtown Partnership CEO John Bucha, says the Partnership has helped businesses install more than 60 external security cameras in downtown Erie since 2015.

Another round of grants will help five more businesses install external cameras, to deter crime and help police solve crimes, in downtown Erie, “It's the just reality that our community now, we have coverage downtown and this behavior is just not welcome in downtown, so there's been a really great impact that the cameras have had since the implementation of them,” said Buchna.

If you think you can identify the suspect in the photos, you’re asked to call Erie Police.