Erie City Council members held a “study session” Thursday night, just a day after one of its members engaged in a heated back and forth with a man during a council meeting.

Councilman met with reps from the city's Economic Development Department, and Erie County Council.

Their discussion was focused on the LERTA program.

Both Councilman, Mel Witherspoon, and Council President, Sonya Arrington were in attendance.

This comes a day after Witherspoon's near-physical confrontation with a man who criticized Arrington for staying on as president.

The incident put the spotlight yet again on the issue of Arrington’s refusal to step down from her position.

Witherspoon later apologized for his actions.

            And while the waters may have calmed a bit, Erie City Councilman, Caz Kwitowski says Witherspoon caused yet another distraction to council's business but advises people to take a look at both sides of the story.

"It was unfortunate the way it happened, I think the citizen was getting loud, and it was a bad combination.” Kwitowski said “And I think going forward, we've learned from this."

Kwitowski says the council plans to meet and discuss the incident, and the future.