Firefighters and EMT’s from both Erie and Crawford County met at West Lake Middle School for an active shooter training.

Where they were taught the basics of "run, hide, and fight."  The session was presented by state police.

            Across the county at the public safety building, reps from different emergency management groups executed a radio exercise.

            Our cameras were not allowed inside, but we're told the exercise was to test emergency communication during an incident.

            And back to West Lake where those same firefighters and EMT’s were taught how to use a tourniquet to help a victim from bleeding out.

            UPMC instructed the session as part of a national "Stop the Bleed" effort from Homeland Security and the White House.


“It's so important for us that we're ready when it happens, any time an alarm comes out, and we have to know what to do when we get there.” Firefighter at West Lake Fire Department, Kyle Kunz said “We can't show up, and be like, oh, what do we got to do now. So, the more we practice, the better we get."  


Kunz, like everyone else at the West Lake Department, is a volunteer, and he tells us, he’ll take what he learned from the session today, to his other job.